#DeliverUsFromEvil English Hollywood Film movie Review, #JohnsonThomas, Rating: * *

#DeliverUsFromEvil English Hollywood Film movie Review, #JohnsonThomas, Rating: *  *

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#DeliverUsFromEvil(English) Rating:* * Yet another salvo at the horror genre with plenty of religious motifs and pedestrian efforts to scare. A cop and a priest team up on a case of demonic possession.#TheConjuring it is not! #EricBana #EdgarRamÃrez #OliviaMunn #SeanHarris #JoelMcHale #ScottDerrickson #SonyEntertainment

English film review
Johnson Thomas

True prayer for the cynics

Film: Deliver us From Evil
Cast: Eric Bana, Edgar Ramírez, Olivia Munn, Sean Harris, Joel McHale
Director: Scott Derrickson

Rating: * *

Running Time: 117 min.

A cop and a priest team up on a case of demonic possession in this Screen Gems horror film based on actual cases investigated by retired NYPD police officer-turned-demonologist Ralph Sarchie. When a series of frightening and unfathomable killings leave the citizens of New York City fearing for their lives, troubled cop Sarchie (Eric Bana) fails in his attempts to find a rational explanation for the crimes. Sarchie's eyes are opened to a frightening alternate reality, however, when renegade Jesuit priest (Édgar Ramírez) convinces him that demonic possession may be to blame for the gruesome murders. Together, this unlikely duo wage a valiant supernatural struggle to rid the city of an otherworldly evil.

Ever since ‘The Conjuring’ did the trick-giving the horror genre a fresh new lease of life, it’s been open sesame for similar attempts. This one claims to be based on true life events. The film is inspired by the book “Beware the Night,” by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool. Sarchie has the unusual credentials of retired New York City police officer and demonologist, Scott(Sinister) Derrickson directs from a script he wrote with Paul Harris Boardman. This film appears to have been made to appease the genre fans. It foes through the motions with a lassitude that’s unbecoming and has little to excite or scare you. Everything is set out very seriously though.

Eric Bana's Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, a haunted member of the New York Police Department, has an intuitive "radar"-like sixth sense. Sarchie's intuitiveness leads him and partner Butler (Joel McHale) to a string of related domestic abuse cases. In each case, parents abuse their children while a mysterious string-bean of a man (Sean Harris) hovers nearby. In each case, Sarchie is beaten to the prowl by hard-drinking Jesuit priest Father Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) and continues to nudge skeptical Sarchie toward an acceptance of his limitations regards the supernatural occurings.

Been there, seen that is what you’ll be telling yourself while watching this tried and tested trope fest. ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘Seven’ appear to be the most suitable borrowings here. Dead kids ply on the sentiment women are useful plot devices while men- fathers really,  are the most knowledgeable about these paranormal  occurring. Though based on true events, there’s nothing tangible or real to hold on to. The treatment in fact lacks bite. Delving about the characters and their motives is not of any interest to the director here. He just wants to set up the traditional scares without really justifying them. And that too without much finesse!


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