Gulabi, Marathi film movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * * *

Gulabi, Marathi film movie Review, Johnson Thomas,
 Rating: *  *  *

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#Gulabi(Marathi) Rating:*  *  * Though treated in a crude commercial vein, this film has purchase because it stays true to it’s intent and establishes solid connect with some enabling performances by the leads including #SachinKhedekar,#PakhiHegde, #VineetSharma & #KajalVashisht. It’s a compelling drama played out to great effect. The lack of finesse is not a hindrance here. #VinayApte #GudduDhanoa #CineshoreMedia

Marathi Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Playing to the gallery, smartly!

Film: Gulabi
Cast: Sachin Khedekar, Pakhi Hegde, Vinit Sharma and late Vinay Apte
Director: Guddu Dhanoa

Rating: *  *  *

Veteran Bollywood producer-director Guddu Dhanoa (Ziddi, Bichhoo, Deewana) makes his debut in Marathi with this film. The publicity material calls it an explosive love story between an uptight cop and a bar dancer but that’s not true exactly story The narrative plays out a scenario where a popular bar-dancer, Gulabi(Pakhi Hegde)attempts to do a love-jihad on the uptight Police Officer, ACPArjun Malwankar(Sachin Khedekar) who virtually shuts down her livelihood options. Sounds familiar? Well, this story looks to have been culled out from newspaper reports on some Police Officer’s over-zealous attempts to be selective in cleaning up the night-life of Mumbai.. The film stars Sachin Khedekar, Pakhi Hegde, Vinit Sharma and late Vinay Apte in pivotal roles.
Scripted by national award winner Sanjay Chauhan ( 'Paan Singh Tomar', 'Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster' and 'I am Kalam') the film, though shot in a crudely commercial vein, stays true to the lead theme and provides ample bite for buck.

Guddu Dhanoa may not have distinguished himself as a reputed, critically acclaimed filmmaker in Bollywood but in Marathi cinema he appears to have come in on a clean slate. He handles the subject with great smarts and provides all the excitement within the telling itself. There’s no cut-aways into masala breaks and there’s no need for them as the subject itself allows for  subtle shifts into song and dance whenever the story gets too heavy. It’s a strong enough story written with an ear to the ground and very much believable in the way it has been structured. A few minor transgressions for story-telling convenience can be overlooked in the overall schema. 

Pakhi Hegde as Gulabi, does a  well-defined job, convincing and ensnaring as the soiled dove who uses her sensuality and cunning to get the ACP in her loverly clutches. Sachin Khedekar as the uptight cop who loses his way in the arms of a woman out for vengeance, is simply superb. As an actor Sachin keeps going further than any mainstream Bollywood actor would dare to. And that’s why he is so special and a joy to watch on screen. He is always in character and immerses himself in a role to the point where you see only the character and not the person. The supporting cast also do a bang on job-  Kajal Vashisht as Mallika, Gulabi’s co-dancer/roommate,  Vinit Sharma as Inspector Ravi, Vinay Apte as Aniket Sarpotdar – all ensure that the story stays rooted and the momentum keeps you interested. What Guddu Dhanoa couldn’t achieve in Bollywood he manages to achieve in Marathi cinema. This is in fact how a mainstream product should be- integral to the story yet providing enough excitement to lure in the audience!



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