#QueenHungarianRhapsodyLiveinBudapest86, English Hollywood film movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: * * * 1/2

#QueenHungarianRhapsodyLiveinBudapest86, English Hollywood film movie Review, Johnson Thomas, Rating: *  *  * 1/2 
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#QueenConcertHungarianRhapsodyLiveInBudapest’86(English) Rating: *  *  * ½ Nostalgia driven one time show PVRLive release, has apro #FreddieMercury a.k.a #FarrokhBulsara in his element performing his greatest hits(22 in all) in front of Live audiences. Worth a watch for the fans of #Queen(12Sept9pm) #PVRCinemas #AvianMedia #GirishWankhede #JanosZsomnolyai #GeorgeMihaly #RogerTaylor  #BrianMay #JohnDeacon #SpikeEdney


English Film Review
Johnson Thomas

Nostalgia driven release!

Film:Queen: Hungarian Rhapsody - Live in Budapest '86
Cast: Freddy Mercury,Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon, Spike Edney
Director: Janos Zsombolyai

Rating: *  * * ½
As part of a newly minted launch, PVR Live(Stand-up,comedy,theatre) and recorded(music concerts, ballets), this week has an unusual treat for all ‘Queen’ fans. Apro Freddy Mercury is coming to town at a PVR cinema near you, but only for one showing, Sept 12. 9pm. The much lauded, revered Mercury, comes alive in this his 1986 tour showing of his public concerts in Budapest, Hungary, titled ‘Hungarian Rhapsody-Live in Budapest.’
Though coming much later than it’s International release( the film was released in theatres worldwide on 20 September 2012 while the concert was released on DVD, Blu-ray and Deluxe Editions for the first time on 5 November 2012 worldwide), this one’s a memorable outing for the die-hard Queen fans who crave for just this measure of connectedness with their legendary  vocalist. With 22 songs in all, well documented on the tour itinerary and a short documentary to go along with it, this one’s a bounty for sure.  One Vision, Tie your Mother Down, In the lap of the Gods…Revisited, Tear it up, A Kind of Magic, Under pressure, Who wants to live for ever, I want to break free,  Now I’m here, Love of my live, Is this the world we created, Tutti frutti, Bohemian rhapsody Hammer to fall, Crazy little thing called love,Radio ga-ga, We will rock you, Friends will be friends, We are the champions- all Queens everlasting hits , find space and traction is this new cinema offering alongside a Guitar Solo and a traditional number done especially for the fans from the Eastern Block.
The Wembly concert was undoubtedly ‘Queen’ of all their performances, this one though, has near-equal purchase.  Freddie's voice is at it’s peak and his energy levels were unflagging. The band members were also given prominence in this outing. The digital video and audio quality were good too.

The film cuts-away to the four of them periodically, doing interviews, publicity events, and just hanging out. Freddie who was well documented as one who refused to do interviews, is shown to have deigned to set aside his fears and speak up. Which is a surprise. And he reveals a lot when he talks to the interviewer. There are at least three hints from Mercury, in the course of those on-camera interviews where he might well have been admitting to his HIV status and the fact that it prevented him from going all out on tour.  When asked if Queen will return to Budapest to play another concert in the future, He comments in the film during the interview portion, "I want to make sure we're healthy to go out on the road again. I don't want to just go out there and do it." And later, Mercury says, "Well, I'll tell you what. If I'm alive, I'll come back." Queen, of course, never did.

This experience is nostalgia driven, and also gains traction from the forcefulness of Freddie Mercury’s performance.  It's an event- more than just a mere concert, with  some 1986/85 in-studio footage and 1986-era interviews with all four members. 1986 was after all  the last year they toured with Mercury - Mercury already was ill at the time. Mercury is undoubted amongst the greatest voices ever in Rock and his band thrived like no other, while he was alive and kicking. After his death the story is altogether different. But that’s not a feature in this film.


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